Welcome to E3 Bradford

Paul Mackie“Let’s create a new sustainable partnership. E3 Bradford is now recruiting businesses to help embed enterprise into the curriculum join us in our mission to help young people become more resourceful and better equipped for the future.” – Paul Mackie, Chair

E3 Bradford is part of the ‘Get Bradford Working’ programme.

The project is supported by Bradford Council and Bradford Chamber of Commerce. Our plan is to create a new enterprise curriculum for education providers across the city, with the intention of delivering home grown talent to the business community.

The aim of E3 Bradford, which stands for ‘Education, Enterprise, Employment’, is to develop, inspire and empower young people to make a positive contribution to our economic success through activities held in collaboration with businesses across the city.

Our purpose is to help drive and deliver an enterprise curriculum that will be adopted by all education providers across Bradford. This will be backed by businesses within the district who will introduce, promote and embed enterprise and business activity skills within the education system.

E3 Bradford aims to:

  • Create a demand-led, business driven, vocational and enterprise curriculum
  • Locate, support and develop local talent by delivering
    enterprise driven activities
  • Raise employer ambitions and aspirations for young people
    to create higher skills driven jobs

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Business driven, enterprise driven, skills driven.

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